3 Ways Automated Emails Improve Media Sales


“How can a series of emails improve my sales funnel?”

It’s a question we hear often. And a valid one. Why is a series of emails sent to a prospect effective? How does that equate to opportunities?

Email campaigns save you precious time while qualifying leads. It’s like hiring a sales assistant to vet your prospect. Only, this process is automated and requires minimal management on your part.

The modern sales process is consultative. Selling is a series of educational meetings that guide your prospect to your product.

A series of emails can bolster your sales process by explaining the fundamentals to clients while building trust. 

Three Ways Automated Emails Help Media Sales


Educate & Build Rapport with Clients

Automating emails to educate clients is a piece of cake and wins you valuable favor. As the sales process moves to consultative role, part of that cycle becomes educating clients.

Help your prospect answer questions like why they need your product or services. Sell your value over a series of emails.

If you’re selling digital ads, help your client understand the ROI. Send information about the impressions they’ll receive and how awareness translates into sales. Taking time to send a series of emails explaining how you help drives sales builds trust. And trust goes a long way to closing the deal.


Share Testimonials and Social Proof

You can throw all the facts you want at a potential customer, but sometimes all they want to see is that a colleague or key influencer has bought into what you’re selling.

An email highlighting an abridged case study or a series of how you’ve helped a customer can be informative and compelling.

Customers open emails titled “How we’ve helped businesses like you grow a business.Example-rich emails showing your solution has grown businesses resonates with clients and prospects. Emails like these elicit great responses.

It’s hard to argue with facts and testimonials. A simple email detailing those two things goes a long way to closing deals.

Track Opens and Follow-Up Intelligently

 Most mass-email platforms track who opened and who clicked on a link.

This info is vital. When you know who’s engaging with your communication, you can follow-up and email (or call) leads with added intelligence.

Let’s say you send an email titled “How optimizing ads for mobile nets you more business” and Steve Cram opens that email. Now, next time you call Steve you know that he’s interested in mobile ads and can tailor your conversation.

That piece of knowledge turns a cold-call into a not-so-cold-call which makes all the difference.

Do you currently send out emails to a list of prospects? Have you tried adding testimonials or offering up free content? If you haven’t, you may be pleasantly surprised by the response.

Stay tuned for part two of this series where we’ll talk about best practices for writing great emails. Until then, read up one how email can improve sales organizations.