Warning Signs that your Media Ad Sales Workflow is Leaking

Media Workflow

A strong media ad sales workflow is critical to a proven and reliable sales process. Without a workflow as the foundation for your sales organization issues and confusion will run wild. We’ve seen organizations stumble without a defined media ad sales workflow. It starts with a minor dripping followed by increased leakage and finally the workflow is completely out of order and spitting out chaos.

A solid, repeatable workflow can increase revenue for a company by 400%. How? By reducing small errors before they spin out of control. You save time and money in the long run. A well-defined workflow allows managers to, well, manage. Instead of focusing on organizing chaos they can have their team humming with efficiency. A model of excellence in a sales force.

Here are 3 warning signs that your media ad sales workflow is about to spring a leak.


Inconsistency and Miscommunication

“45% of people don’t understand what the job is of the people they work with.” That’s a statistic from Jeff Puzenski of Infinitive, workflow genius. Without a documented workflow there’s no clear signs of who does what, when handoffs should occur and what success looks like.

A workflow outlines roles and KPIs, which keeps a team honest and focused. Plus, they know exactly what to do to succeed. No one can complain that “this isn’t my job” if their job is well defined.

Customer Growth & Retention Issues

Part of retaining and growing customers depends on having the right data and intelligence to communicate effectively with clients. Easily answering questions about the campaign, organizing deliverables, and understanding their unique needs makes it easier to upsell packages and increase their spend.

Without a concrete workflow, these assets fall to the wayside. You miss that the client has not been contacted about their campaign. Or that their campaign is pacing well ahead of schedule and it may end early. A workflow reduces churn and improves client relationship.

Duplicate Data, Redundancies, and Errors in a Database

Do you trust your data? Can you reliably pull a report or access a contacts information and know that the information is 100% correct? If you can’t, might be in trouble. Data inconsistencies create headaches and turmoil for individuals and teams that rely on that information.

Part of defining a workflow is understanding the flow of data and information. The key is to build a system that houses your information. This data hub (or warehouse) should be the source of truth for your organization. A single source creates a central location for integrations and a key location for the information the team needs. Building a data hub that collects all that information, cleans and maintains it will remove any potholes and bumps in your workflow.

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