Digital Ad Sales: More Analytical Than You Think?

file-foldersData and analytics help drive sales! Today, with the influx of big and chaotic data comes advanced technologies with an organic infrastructure of analytics. Initially, these analytics were reactive; they provided insight into “historical information” on what sales happened in the last month, year, etc., and you could tie in the sales professionals’ projections based on their forecast. Their forecast? We asked a few sales professionals what that entailed: intuition, gut, flat, 10% increase, etc.

Today, sales management and CRM systems are proactively producing analytics which provide sales organizations a profound level of intelligence. Data can be tracked, measured, and organized in a multitude of formats, giving you vital insights and a competitive edge. Your system should prompt you when sales are down 10%, alert you to a category spike, and broadcast live sales data to your general sales managers. You can generate leads, watch the nourishment of that relationship, and be notified when additional sales opportunities or upsells arise. Integrations with your existing third party solutions  allowing for data aggregation faster and more efficiently, frees up  time for generating  new business and analyzing the profitability of that business.

In the highly competitive sales landscape, this elevated perspective provides invaluable advantages. Sales and CRM technology has the ability to boil down the mass of data that sales teams encounter daily into concise, organized alerts that drive their movement efficiently.

Sales professionals can no longer rely solely on their charisma to seal a deal. Because advertisers are more sophisticated and the demand for metrics and proven ROI are higher, sales teams have to further expand their skill sets and tool belts. The sales team can prove their value faster with graphs, charts, and live reporting that show clients real-time experiences with their ads. Clients will gain clarity and an understanding of the value of their ad placements over diversified media. With limited advertising budgets, clients want to know standard information such as demographics about their readers, listeners, and viewers; with a media CMR detailed information about each client’s personal metrics as well as the best advertising opportunities for them can be made easier while increasing sales revenue and reducing cost of goods sold.

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