Raise Your Bottom Line

Generating revenue in sales is half the battle!

It’s knowing that your revenue dollars are profitable and raising the bottom line ROI that wins the war.

Bottom-Line3Being a competitive salesperson is more demanding than ever in today’s ultra-competitive world. The media sales team of today cannot rely solely on corporate lunches and charisma to land deals. Today’s ad sellers must be consultative new business nurturers with a superior understanding of their company, technology, and the competition in order to provide value. At the end of the day they need to confirm that their sales activities and closed-deals are positively impacting the bottom line.

Managing the big data necessary to leverage new sales isn’t always easy, and sales teams are evolving from a traditional role into a more advanced one where they now need to be new business nurturers with a clear understanding of the data available to them. The ability to understand this data is made possible with the help of the right tools. A CRM and sales intelligence platform, built for organizing and optimizing media sales data, is imperative for providing your sales team the insights they need to generate more media ad sales and opportunities while reducing the cost of sales.

Matrix Solutions provides the technology necessary to maximize media ad sales opportunities, offering a full suite of alerts including deals past due, category spend dropping, digital forecast to budget watch, should have booked by now, not buying digital, and many more customized to your sales KPIs. These alerts have enabled Matrix users to find savings and uncover new revenue that increased their bottom line by more than $100,000. With the ever-improving software offering additional features such as geo-mapping and access to metrics from anywhere on any device, Matrix has helped companies achieve greater results.

Ready to raise the bottom line? Ready to aggregate your data to help your sales organization choose the best platforms and demographics for your clients’ ads? Sales insights, retention, account management, new business analysis, and increased savings are now available at your fingertips.

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