Learn how an efficient workflow can drastically grow revenue

Weren’t able to attend the first ever Media Sales Symposium? Enjoy Jeff Puzenski’s, from Infinitive, talk about the importance of workflow. Fill out the form on the right for access to his slides and a video presentation. In the talk he discusses:

  • Finding the Root Causes: Having customer retention issues? High costs? The root of that problem is an inefficient process and workflow. See how a workflow can reduce mistakes and keep your sales organization focused on selling.
  • Reducing Confusion & Improving Accountability 45% of people in a sales organization feel they do not clearly understand the responsibilities of their team. How is that possible? How does that impact sales?
  • How a Process Reduced Errors by 90%: A great process prevents large problems. By implementing and improving on a process, you’ll see that small mistakes are corrected before they snowball out of control. This ends up saving you more time and money than you would think.

Fill out the form on the right to Jeff’s workflow PowerPoint and a video of his presentation.