Shorten your sales cycles and gain revenue visibility across the enterprise

Jumpstart lead nurturing and boost new business development efforts with Matrix for Broadcast. Our solution provides data partitioning and pacing, presents a revenue in a single view, and alerts you to cross-selling opportunities to align the sales process and ultimately drive new sales. Services include data normalization, data trending & cleaning, as well as sales consulting and coaching. Leverage vital integrations and marketing analytics to facilitate business management and reduce your time-to-close.


Key Integrations

  • Traffic & Billing
  • Proposal/Pending
  • Lead Sources
  • Research
  • Data Warehouse
  • Share
  • Ratings

Market Analytics

  • Budget & Forecast
  • Pacing
  • Revenue Across Enterprise
  • Category Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • New Business & Revenue
  • Pricing & Yield Optimization