Check the pulse of revenue growth and see results at a glance

Our Matrix for Enterprise solution gives you the ability to see data across the enterprise, divisions, systems, and more. Data is aggregated and centralized in a single, holistic view enabling the Enterprise Head of Sales to manage business more efficiently and effectively than ever before—identify opportunities for better organizational alignment, make better forecasting and resource allocation decisions, improve yield and optimize inventory.

Matrix for Enterprise empowers you to easily compare performance and results across the enterprise, facilitate teamwork, and cross-product selling. Identify top performing markets and respond quickly to tap your opportunities while the time is right. The Executive Team can quantify, enforce, and unify the sales process to efficiently drive new sales. This means efficiently—selling the right products to the right customer at the right price.

Services include data normalization, data trending & cleaning, sales consulting & coaching, enterprise-wide data categorization, trending, research, and more.


Key Integrations

  • Corporate Data Warehousing & Analytics Tools
  • Financial Reporting
  • Client Fulfillment Metrics – TV Ratings, Digital Analytics, etc.

*In addition to market/outlet-specific needs


Market Analytics

  • Enterprise-wide Performance
  • Rankings and KPI (across markets, products, sales reps, and more)
  • Predictive Modeling & Comparisons (across their own markets and standards)
  • Executive/enterprise view of: critical deals, market & demand funnel, rep productivity targets, third-party benchmarking, cost of acquiring customers, conversion & close rates, and revenue reporting streams

*In addition to market/outlet-specific needs