Better with Matrix: MailChimp

Improve Email for Sales Organizations

Create engaging email campaigns for sales teams. Integrating MailChimp with Matrix’s media CRM opens up a new way to create marketing lists based on sales activity. Want to send an email to a specific region of clients? Clients that spend over $1,000 a month in advertising? Easily create those custom lists in Matrix which are automatically sent to MailChimp.

Matrix improves the efficiency and intelligence of your sales organization. In this case we help you create better email for sales. Keep reading to find out this integrations can improve sales intelligence.

How Does This Help Sales?

Great question. Email for sales is a key part of sales outreach. Whether you’re sending mass emails or one-off custom versions, sales emails will warm up leads. Warm leads are easier to close.

The MailChimp integrations brings marketing activities into your Matrix dashboard. Matrix is a one-stop shop for all the data your sales organization needs to make educated decisions. By adding email activity, you see a robust and colorful picture of your accounts.

Seeing when clients open emails gives you precious insights to close deals quicker.

Create lists in Matrix and send to MailChimp

Integrate Marketing Stats with Sales Intelligence

Knowing who opened what email guides your sales outreach. Matrix pulls data from MailChimp so you can view performance and activity inside Matrix. Having one dashboard to unify marketing and sales data keeps your life simple.

Email for sales should ease the day-to-day tasks of your organization. Bridging the gap between sales and marketing data gives all stakeholders the necessary information to move customers through the funnel.

Faster, Smarter, More Efficient Sales Emails

Organizing automated emails, lists and contacts for an email campaign can be complicated. Now that Matrix integrates with MailChimp, creating emails for sales is easy, fast and efficient.

Matrix is built to boost the efficiency of your sales organization. With the MailChimp integration, any account executive or sales manager can build a list of prospects and send that list to MailChimp. Then, your sales or marketing team can do what they do best: send a custom, personalized email to nurture leads.

Free MailChimp Email Bootcamp

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You’ll learn:

  • How MailChimp emails can improve sales.

  • Telltale signs of an effective email campaigns.

  • How emails for sales can turn cold leads into warm leads.