"Monarch integrates with our DFP account to empower sales to intelligently approach our clients."

A Sales Platform Built for Selling Digital Media

Monarch already empowers you and your team to sell intelligently, but with our integration with your DFP account you’ll have access to pertinent data about your client’s campaigns. Your sales team can go into client meetings armed with the insights to renew campaigns and keep them happy.

Keep reading to learn more about how the DFP integration with Monarch works.

Streamlined Intelligence

The native integration with DFP builds a bridge between sales and ad ops. Because sales finally has information about the campaign embedded in the platform they’re using to sell, they can answer basic questions themselves. By streamlining the relationship between sales and ad ops, you’ll see an increase in productivity and a reduction in communication errors. “I didn’t know that campaign never ran” will be an excuse of the past.

Vital Digital Data at Your Fingertips

Monarch highlights key campaign metrics for every DFP campaign in your account. The sales team will have access to glanceable data-cards to see stats like:

  • How many impressions were ordered.
  • How many impressions have been delivered.
  • Performance statistics like clicks and click-through rate.
  • When the campaign is set to begin and end.

Get a Tour of our DFP Integration with Monarch

Monarch delivers the best-in-class CRM, reporting, analytics, sales intelligence and integrations across the media sales landscape. The integration with DFP bolsters Monarch’s digital capabilities giving your sales team the advantage in selling advertising. Request a demo today to learn more about the integration.