The Matrix Alerts Engine

The Intelligence You Need, When You Need It

Robust Sales Intelligence for Media Sales Organizations

The new Matrix Alerts Engine works alongside your sales organization’s unique workflow to surface the vital data and information that you need to hit your goals. When implemented, Matrix Alerts eliminates the need to constantly pull complex reports and gives your team more bandwidth to focus on actions that drive revenue.

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Glanceable, browsable alerts

Understand how your sales organization is performing at a glance. See who is overachieving, who’s on pace to meet revenue goals and how you’re performing in KPIs.

Clicking on an alert will give you more details and give you suggested actions.

Prevent disaster from striking

Let Matrix Alerts do the worrying for you. By setting thresholds and alerts for KPIs, you’ll be alerted when things aren’t going so well. These alerts allow you to course correct and get back on track before it’s too late.

Recommended actions give you and your AEs suggestions on how to fix the issue before they spiral out of control.

Custom alerts based on your KPIs

Matrix Alerts are incredibly customizable. They inherently work with the data being pulled into Matrix, so creating alerts on forecast, activities and reports is simple.

These alerts can also be customized to your unique KPIs or by leveraging 3rd party data. By building custom alerts you’ll rely less on reporting and have insights tied to actions.

Matrix Alerts is Custom Intelligence for Media Sales Organizations

Matrix Alerts are a game changer for sales teams. By turning streams of data into glanceable insights, you spend less time building reports and wondering what to do next. Instead, Matrix Alerts provides guidance and suggested action into achieving revenue goals.