Prospector + Matrix Makes Finding New Deals Part of Your Workflow

Prospect from Within Matrix

Find new media sales opportunities from within Matrix. Empower your sales team to streamline prospecting and fill your pipeline with valuable leads. Improve your close rate by finding qualified leads in the Prospector database.

Prospector integrates into the Matrix ad tech platform, giving sales organizations a comprehensive workflow solution—from prospecting to  closing deals and building reports. Keep reading to find out how this integration can improve sales intelligence.

How Does This Help Improve Close Rate?

Sales spends a majority of their time cold-calling, emails and filling the top of their funnel. Those efforts are succesfull less than 10% of the time. What if you could increase that percentage even a little bit? What if you could double that success rate?

You’d see revenues and close rates rise.

Prospector pinpoints opportunities and gives your sales teams the information they need to approach a business about advertising.

Prospecting that Fits Your Unique Workflow

Prospector is an intuitive integration into the Matrix product. From within Matrix, alongside your reports and sales activity, you can browse businesses, see their latest moves, and find information about decision-makers.

Full-time researchers verify and clean the information in the Prospector database. Having reliable facts and data speeds up the research process and keeps your sales teams focused on closing deals.

Designed by experts in media sales, Prospector is built to give you access to targeted prospects. Connecting you to decision makers and filling your funnel gives you the boost you need to increase revenue.

A Must Have Media Sales Tool for Prospecting

The power of Prospector connects you directly to decision makers. Contact information, email, address and news insights right in the dashboard you’re already using.

Having access to valuable lead information gives your sales organization an extra edge. Cold calls become warm calls. Insights give you a foundation to build rapport with potential clients. Your sales organization will be able to tailor pitches to particular agencies or clients.

Prospector’s database combined with the reporting, customer management, forecasting and intelligence tools of Matrix gives sales organization a tool that fits their unique workflow.


Learn More About Prospector

Download a Prospector PDF detailing the insights into Prospector and how it can help you save time and increase productivity.

You’ll learn:

  • How Prospector maintains a quality database.

  • How to use Prospector to find ripe opportunities.

  • See how Prospector has helped similar companies.