Adam Gotlieb


As CTO, Adam Gotlieb relies on more than 25 years of media industry expertise coupled with his strategic vision for enhanced automation and converged systems to lead Matrix’s technological advancement and help drive and deliver the company’s next generation product solutions.  In this role, he is leading key efforts in Machine Learning, buy-sell interoperability, and streamlined sales intelligence. 

Prior to joining the Matrix team in 2019, Adam served as the Director of Product Management for Imagine Communications where he played a key role in helping expand, unify, and evolve nine different software products within the company’s global portfolio, including traffic, content rights management, and program scheduling. Previously, Adam served in a variety of lead product management, product marketing, and training roles focused on increasing user productivity and sales growth. Adam has a BSBA degree in International Business from the University of Colorado and a BS from Illinois State University.

“If you want to know the truth about what you’ve built, you have to ship it. You can test, you can brainstorm, you can argue, you can survey, but only shipping will tell you whether you’re going to sink or swim.”
Jason Fried