July E-Newsletter

One of the things we love about media and serving media is that the only constant is CHANGE. We are excited to bring you the next monthly Matrix e-newsletter with the latest changes, or as we call them, the evolving enhancements! Matrix has some new integrations including e-mail marketing automation – and below you can read up on best ways to utilize them to your advantage. Also, be sure to check out the Save the Date announcement of our kick-off Matrix Media Sales Symposium. It’s all in the e-newsletter below. Enjoy until next month.

Matrix Blog

Our latest series of blogs are diving into how e-mail marketing automation and Matrix work hand-in-hand. See how Matrix and e-mail marketing can further enhance your workflows.

email3 Ways Automated Emails Improve Media Sales

“How can a series of emails improve my sales funnel?” It’s a question we hear often. And a valid one. Why is a series of emails sent to a prospect effective? How does that equate to opportunities? Email campaigns save you precious time while qualifying leads. It’s like hiring a sales assistant to vet your prospect. Only, this process is automated and requires minimal management on your part. The modern sales process is consultative. Selling is a series of educational meetings that guide your prospect to your product. A series of emails can bolster your sales process by explaining the fundamentals to clients while building trust. Read more>

3 Ways to Improve Media Sales Email Campaigns

Building trust, sharing testimonials, and creating warm leads to improve your funnel. But for that to happen, you have to be writing quality emails. And what goes into a quality email? Is it a nice joke? Design? A special offer? A long anecdote? Images? Well, that can depend on who you’re emailing. Different audiences require different details.

Today we’ll cover three fundamentals that work for all types of audiences. Whether you’re emailing CEOs, VPs, managers, or your mother. Read more>


MatrixMediaSalesImageSAVE THE DATE! Matrix’s Media Sales Symposium – coming in January 2017

A conference designed to make you faster, smarter and more efficient. Matrix is a platform built to empower the modern sales organization. A sales team that’s agile, comfortable with rapid iteration and closes deals quickly. We enjoy a sales team that thrives on data, puts together spot-on projections and can forecast with the best of them. The Media Sales Symposium is a culmination of all of that. Everything that Matrix stands for is the foundation of the conference. Workshops to help your workflow. Thoughtful speakers that provide insights into your sales organization. Curated content that improves your sales organization.

It’s all happening at our Media Sales Symposium. Learn more>

In The News

mc_freddie_color_webKey Integrations Significantly Extend Matrix Solutions’ Platform Capabilities

Matrix Solutions has announced new integrations with IRD’s Prospector and MailChimp. These integrations add important prospecting and email automation capabilities to all Matrix customers. As a result of the new integrations, users are provided with first-hand sales enablement tools and strategies. Read more >

Industry Insights

Industry-insightFive Threats to Traditional Radio

They also stand to grab away listeners and in some cases ad dollars. We see so much handwringing in the radio trade press about Pandora and other digital services, one might think those were the only worries facing industry executives. But actually there are other threats out there. Read more >

Set to Soar: Programmatic TV Advertising

Programmatic TV ad spending will grow quickly in the coming years, but by 2018 it will still only represent a small piece of the TV advertising pie. That’s according to eMarketer’s first programmatic TV spending forecast, in which it predicts programmatic will grow by 128 percent this year to $710 million. The forecast says programmatic will more than triple next year to $2.16 billion, then grow another 105 percent in 2018 to $4.43 billion. Read more >


mobile-iphoneIt was just a year ago that we relaunched our mobile platform with several new features for the salesperson on the move.

Reimagined Mobile Experience Hits the Streets!

Like many of you, I was a big fan of watching TV when I was younger (still am, by the way). For some reason, there was a commercial tagline that has stuck in my head for more than 20 years. No, I am not referring to “Where’s the Beef?” but rather a commercial from BASF that led with the slogan, “At BASF, we don’t make a lot of the products you buy, we make a lot of the products you buy better.” I admit, I still don’t know exactly what BASF does, but that message has remained with me.  Read more >

Upcoming Events

Upcoming-EventsSMTE: Small Market Television Expo | Phoenix, AZ | September 15-17 | NAB’s Small Market Television Exchange (SMTE) is the industry’s only national conference designed exclusively for small market groups and stations in DMAs 75+. SMTE presents innovative leadership and sales management strategies, success stories that reflect fresh thinking to help you grow your business and creative sales promotion ideas that set no limits on where you can take them. Catch Matrix at SMTE this year in Booth #43. Connect with us at SMTE>

Radio Show | Nashville, TN | September 21-23 | With the entire radio industry in one place, the opportunities are endless. Load up on big ideas that can grow careers, productivity and revenue. Plus, find out where radio is headed in the year ahead. Matrix is exhibiting in Booth #416. Connect with us at the Radio Show>

Open Learning Sessions | Offered Regularly | Please see the schedule to attend an open learning session that interests you! Sessions teach you how to use Matrix to maximize your CRM and sales analytics.