Newly Released Matrix Alerts Engine Brings Robust Sales Intelligence to the Matrix Platform

Pittsburgh, PA – March 2, 2017– The Matrix Alerts engine provides a custom layer of intelligence for media ad sales organizations. The innovative alerts empower your sales organization to take actions that impact revenue. The Matrix Alert Engine offers suggested actions and sales intelligence using the data available in Matrix. The Matrix Alerts engine provides tailored intelligence for each AE, manager, executive and the entire sales organization.

“We built the new Matrix Alerts Engine to work alongside the sales organization’s unique workflow and surface the vital data and information that the organization needs to know,” Mark Gorman, CEO of Matrix Solutions, said. “When implemented in a sales organization, Matrix Alerts eliminates unnecessary busy work and gives the team more bandwidth to focus on actions that drive revenue.”


Matrix Alerts brings new features to Matrix:
Custom Alerts via 3rd Party APIs
Matrix Alerts can alert an organization using 3rd party data via the newly developed Alerts API. The Alerts API will integrate data from 3rd party platforms that are not integrated into Matrix. This is perfect for creating alerts around billing, marketing automation, or campaign activity.


Constantly Refreshed Information
The Matrix Alerts Engine is assessing data and triggering alerts based on real-time information. As soon as a piece of data passes a set threshold, whether it’s budget, reporting, activity or campaign related, the alert will trigger.


Recommended Actions and Next Steps
The Matrix Alerts Engine will provide a simple way to complete an action and remove the alert. Is a client behind on spending? Matrix Alerts will suggest giving them a call. Has a deal been pending for 30 days? Either mark the deal as “closed” or “lost.” These actions keep Matrix up-to-date and the sales team focused on actions to grow revenue.

The Matrix Alert Engine is currently available to all Matrix users. This is the first of many features being built on the trailblazing Matrix Monarch platform, launching in 2017.


About Matrix Solutions
Matrix Solutions’ cloud-based Media Ad Sales Platform serves as an effective, enterprise-wide solution for managing advertising revenue. Functioning as a fully-integrated layer within a company’s workflow it enables users to aggregate, access, and interact with their pertinent sales data including insights, revenue, and analytics. The extensive sales capabilities and revenue-generating proficiency of the platform provides users a valuable return on investment. For more information on the Pittsburgh-based Matrix Solutions visit