An Industry Challenge: Managing Advertising Sales

This white paper identifies the challenges of utilizing technology as an effective means to manage media sales operations, given the relationship component of selling as well as the uniqueness of media advertising. The white paper also outlines the necessity for integrating CRM and Sales Management Systems within the entire operational workflow; so that as a business you are capitalizing on productivity and efficiency across the enterprise.

The Underlying Importance of Data Management Across the Media Sales Continuum

Without effective data management, your organization can face multiple challenges, from limited data availability, accuracy, and consistency to diminished value of sales training and optimization programs. The good news is that all data sources can now be integrated to provide a clear view of your sales operation for account executives, sales management, and local and corporate executives. This viewpoint addresses the challenges and opportunities for better sales data management.

CRM and Analytics Platform Specifically for Media Sales

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Townsquare Media Leverages Mobile to Sell

Media and entertainment company launched Matrix to improve sales processes and operational opportunities.

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Townsquare Case Study

How it Works

Matrix Infographics

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CRM is Not Enough—The Need for Sales Intelligence

CRM solutions promise increased sales through Sales Force Automation (SFA). This essential software gives sales representatives access to contacts, appointments and notes. SFA is an effective way of capturing data about customers such as names, addresses, email correspondence, deadlines, and other sales-related information.