Open Learning Sessions

We have a lot of opportunities for you to learn more about what makes Matrix the #1 media-specific solution for CRM and sales analytics. Take a look at our schedule below and plan on attending some (or all!) of them!

TopicDate Time
CRM (S) Tue 10/101:30 pm EST
Budgeting in Matrix Wed 10/112:00 pm EST
Deals/Forecasting (S) Wed 10/171:30 pm EST
Budgeting in Matrix Wed 10/183:00 pm EST
Accounts (S) Tue 10/241:30 pm EST
Budgeting in Matrix Wed 10/2511:00 am EST
Matrix in your Workday Tue 10/312:00 pm EST
Budgeting in Matrix Wed 11/012:00 pm EST
Reporting (S) Tue 11/071:30 pm EST
Matrix Mobile Thu 11/0911:30 am EST
List Builder (P) Tue 11/1411:00 am EST
Deals/Forecasting (S) Thu 11/161:30 pm EST

Sessions with (S) pertain to standard Matrix Functionality, Sessions with (P) pertain to Premium Matrix functionality. Request Information

How to Register

Click the link on the Topic of the session you want to attend. Once you register, you will receive an email from WebEx with an .ics file attached. You can then click on the attachment, to place the Webinar and its information in your calendar.