Matrix Monarch is a forward thinking platform that provides one window into your entire media sales organization. This includes best-in-class analytics, sales intelligence, media specific CRM and sales tools. Simply put, Matrix Monarch was built to your media specific needs.

Matrix Monarch brings a new suite of tools and functionality to the modern media sales team. Every feature is crafted to help you and your team manage your media sales workflow efficiently. Keep reading to see how Monarch aligns with your sales process.

Intelligent & Automated Alerts for the Enterprise

The intelligent alerts in Monarch provide a personal level of context for the data you are pulling into the platform. The robust alert engine allows users to create dozens of custom alerts unique to their organization—vital information is never missed. With a few clicks you can create alerts for:

  • Accounts that have gone quiet and require a ping.

  • Overdue deals

  • Deals that should have closed by now.

  • Activity thresholds for your sales team.

  • Categories  that are trending downwards, whether it’s a revenue type or outlet.

A Library of Digital Integrations

As media sales professionals sell a variety of advertising across platforms, it’s vital to connect those systems within Monarch. Our first digital dedicated integration includes DoubleClick for Publishers. DoubleClick for Publishers means you have instant access to the campaigns you have sold and are managing; Complete with pacing information, forecasted end dates, CPC, CTR, impressions and the impressions tied to each campaign.

Beyond DoubleClick for Publishers, Monarch has a number of native integrations that work with the tools you’re already using. Monarch connects with proposal platforms, traffic networks, prospecting technology and social networks.

By pulling all those systems into one platform, Monarch helps you work intelligently and efficiently throughout your entire workflow.

Customizable Data Cards

Data Cards come in the form of customizable pods on the Monarch dashboards. Monarch Data Cards surface information from Monarch, your internal data sources, or third party applications to give you immediate and holistic insights on anything from revenue to sales activity.

Because the Data Cards are contextual, you always see the information you need. On the account or contact page you will see aggregated, detailed information. The Monarch platform is designed to surface data exactly when you need it.

Data Cards give you complete control over the information you need to make educated decisions. This reduces the amount of solution switching and keeps you focused on the task at hand.

Out-Of-The-Box Reporting & Intelligence

A core aspect of Matrix Monarch is the improved reporting and intelligence module. The Monarch reporting engine generates fresh, easy-to-use reports in a few clicks.

In Monarch your reports are as complex and custom as you need them to be.

Create rollup groups for reporting, report on specific categories, revenue types or salesperson teams. With six levels of reporting hierarchy, there’s almost no limit to the depth you can deliver in a Monarch report.

Interactive Deal Pipeline

A sales process is only as good as its pipeline and Monarch delivers an interactive pipeline providing instant insights into your sales organization’s pipeline.

The interactive deal pipeline provides visibility to every deal in your system. Sort deals by value or turn on “Deal Weighting” to see a more accurate estimate of the deals. Monarch tracks statistics of your pipeline over time to give estimates on time to close and what deals have more than one type of media associated with them.

Answering the question, “When is a deal going to close?” has never been easier.

Team Dashboards

There’s no “i” in “Sales”. It’s a team sport, and Monarch makes it easy to keep an eye on your sales team with the Team Dashboard. You will know who’s succeeding, where new opportunities reside, and the value of your product catalog. With our Team Dashboard, you’ll be able to glimpse the activities your team is performing, who’s meeting their budget, and who’s in danger of missing goals.

The Team Dashboard surfaces key data so your one-on-ones are streamlined and effective. You can ask less general questions and work with your team to solve actual problems.

With the Team Dashboard you’ll work more efficiently and understand how to empower your sales team achieve a new level of success.

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A Global Media Ad Sales Platform from Matrix Solutions, Monarch is an out-of-the-box solution for media sales companies that is finely tuned to the modern sales workflow. With highly-specific integrations, a robust and intuitive CRM, customization options, and world-class support, Matrix Monarch is the leading platform for the media sales world that wants to grow revenue and sell a variety of advertising. Fill out the form to get our Monarch Features Guidebook and learn more about how this platform fits to your sales workflow.