As an established leader in media sales, Matrix delivers a highly effective and intuitive solution. This includes a full suite of the tools and services needed to help you find success by optimizing your data and leveraging the Matrix platform to its fullest capabilities. Our cloud-based offering minimizes downtime and enables you to “plug and play” your data within 8 weeks of deployment.

Win with a Dedicated Matrix Success Manager

For media outlets and networks, managing sales processes and maintaining historical data is essential to your operations. A dedicated Success Manager from Matrix will give you peace of mind by helping you:

  • Ensure business continuity of your sales intelligence
  • Proactively prevent issues with a personalized action plan
  • Remotely monitor user adoption, trend analysis, and management
  • Fully maximize your investment in the Matrix platform

To see how Matrix Customers are using our Monarch, media-specific ad sales platform to sell smarter, faster, and more efficiently, check out their stories of success below.

Win with a Dedicated Matrix Success Manager

Superhero Sales Success

To celebrate our users utilizing Monarch to help them and their team find wins, we host a Superhero Sales Success (SSS) contest. This initiative showcases the successful strategies and features that Monarch users apply to their everyday processes in order to better monetize ad sales through smarter, faster, and more efficient workflows.

A top winner has been chosen each quarter to have their submission featured, while honorable mention submissions are featured in our compiled Superhero Sales Success Winner’s Playbook. Check out the most recent winning submissions below:

'Deals Forecasting', 'Alerts', and 'Sales Outlook' Monarch Functions Help Grow Digital Business Over 37%

Our Q4 2023 Matrix Sales Superhero was able to increase digital spend by over 37% and total yearly spend by over 7% by using Monarch functions to...

Monarch's 'Sales Outlook' and 'Deals' Tabs Help Maintain Client Retention and Grow New Business

The Q3 2023 Matrix Sales Superhero leaned heavily on Monarch during a period of high turnover enabling her to stay up-to-date on accounts that had...

Big Win Fast-Tracked with Monarch's 'Activity' and 'Historical Revenue' Features

The Q2 2023 Matrix Sales Superhero tracked activity and next steps, as well as reviewed historical revenue, in order to achieve a huge win that gave...

Increasing Spend through delivering ROI by utilizing Monarch's Account List and Revenue Tabs.

Learn how the Q1 2023 Matrix Sales Superhero has managed to organize and analyze client info with ease in order to provide successful ROI, resulting...

Download the complete Superhero Sales Success Winners Playbook for inspiration from all the winning success stories and honorable mention submissions for your own chance to be a Sales Superhero!

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Innovation In Action

See the first-hand experience of how Matrix’s Monarch ad-sales platform has brought success to sales teams.

IIA National2
Innovation in Action: National Sellers Project Forward to the Future
The National sales team faced the challenge of forecasting their RFP-driven advertising sales business with improved accuracy and efficiency. With national buys trending toward much closer to airtime, and time-consuming methods used to piece together information from multiple sources, the process left less time for optimizing their quarterly projections for revenue, market share, and budget. The goal was to provide advanced planning with dramatically increased management visibility with more time for review while limiting the impact on seller efficiency...

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Case Studies

Read these case studies to learn how companies benefit from the Matrix ad sales platform in order to achieve greater operational efficiency!


Monarch Viewpoints | Transitioning to the Monarch Platform

See how Matrix connected with Monarch users to get their direct feedback on how Matrix’s media-specific CRM and Sales Intelligence ad-sales platform, Monarch, fits into the daily life of an Account Executive and the benefits that come from using the platform.

Watch the full interview now for insights, advice, and laughs!


Video Case Study Blog Feature Image Play Button-1
October 28, 2019
Case Study: Leveraging Technology to Springboard Sales
August 1, 2019
Case Study: Increasing Efficiency and Cross-Sell Opportunities
May 29, 2019
Case Study: The Evolution From AE Resistance to Matrix Mega Fan
March 30, 2019
Case Study: Crushing Sales Goals with Monarch
March 20, 2019
Case Study: Aligning Multi-Platform Enterprise-Wide Sales in One Solution
February 19, 2019
Case Study: Getting a Return on Investment from your Technology
January 23, 2019
Case Study: Increase Revenue with Inactive Accounts
November 13, 2018
Case Study: Propelling Sales Practices with Matrix


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