Success with Matrix

As an established leader in media sales, Matrix delivers a highly effective and intuitive solution. This includes a full suite of the tools and services needed to optimize your data and leverage the Matrix platform to its fullest capabilities. Our cloud-based offering minimizes downtime and enables you to “plug and play” your data within 8 weeks of deployment.

For media outlets and networks, managing sales processes and maintaining historical data is essential to your operations. A dedicated Success Manager from Matrix will give you peace of mind by helping you:

  • Ensure business continuity of your sales intelligence
  • Proactively prevent issues with a personalized action plan
  • Remotely monitor user adoption, trend analysis, and management
  • Fully maximize your investment in the Matrix platform

Matrix provides customized, on-demand training options for your team, which include:

  • Self-paced E-learning for Sales Managers and Account Executives
  • Online Quick Reference Guides
  • Comprehensive Learning Management System

Matrix brings more than two decades of experience integrating our media-specific platform with traffic and billing systems. We work with more than 800 media outlets by taking 5+ years of historical ad sales data from multiple points and turning it into actionable information. Implementation Ease We begin with a collaborative approach to gain a common understanding of:

  • Your sales and business processes
  • Integration with information systems
  • A team of technical experts who understand media

In today’s hyper-connected world you need your sales data at your fingertips. Our cloud-based platform is conveniently accessed though your notebook, tablet, or Smartphone that offers you:

  • Software delivered as a service for ease of access and use
  • Easier collaboration within and between departments
  • Subscription-based pricing that optimizes your value